About Us

Tello GMBH founded in 2015 by Juan TELLO

We believe that a healthy mouth will provide a healthy body and life. On the way we went out with this motto, we are developing products for the healthy smile of people. We just not trying to create a toothbrush. We are trying to reflect our innovative and future-oriented perspective to our products with high quality.


TELLO® toothbrushes are produced in accordance with the following regulations and certifications

The all new product development of the existing and future products takes place in Switzerland. All production processes are patented as far as possible. The use of high quality plastics, results in a higher density compared to normally used PP plastic.The rounded soft-touch bristles, are subject to patented production processes. Shift operation Capacity 9.5 Mio. Piece. As certified European Expert of Logistics (ELA)

Our Team

"We Develop and Produce Just For Your Health"


Adult Ultrasoft 6240


Adult Soft 4920


Adult Medium 3940



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